View of Bristol Harbor

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Why Harbor Integrative?

Harbor Integrative Health is based in the scenic coastal New England town of Bristol, Rhode Island. Our clinic is situated within a newly restored landmark barn, which dates back to 1881 and forms part of the Bristol Historical and Preservation Society. The clinic has panoramic views of stunning Bristol Harbor, and a peaceful, semi-rural setting which promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation. We have renovated the barn using environmentally sustainable and toxin-free materials, and we have sought to create a comfortable and welcoming interior to complement our treatment goals.

Harbor Integrative Health is conveniently situated just off of Route 114 and the breath-taking East Bay bike path. We are approximately 15 minutes walk from downtown Bristol. We have ample parking and the clinic has an accessible treatment room for visitors with mobility restrictions.

We really believe that the tranquil and picturesque setting of Harbor Integrative Health helps to promote a sense of calm and vitality as soon as you arrive. We are proud to be based in beautiful Bristol and we are excited to welcome you and show you around!


Getting to the Root of your Health Issue

It can be mystifying and disheartening for patients and their healthcare providers to have clear diagnoses but not see the expected improvements of otherwise proven protocols.

Some examples that I have seen of proven protocols being used and not working:

  • The diet change that resolved your sister’s psoriasis – or that of every other patient in a particular dermatology clinic – may not resolve your psoriasis because your skin condition is actually the result of an underlying infection you didn’t know you had.
  • The diet that helped your partner to lose a ton of weight? It would never work for you because of an untreated parasite.
  • You may blame age for your challenges with fertility but detailed testing may reveal a significant nutritional deficit affecting hormone levels.


Our surface symptoms can’t tell the whole story, which is where thoughtful and comprehensive lab testing – with results interpreted from an Integrative Medicine viewpoint – becomes essential.

In my holistic healthcare practice, better information leads to better health. I work with individuals and with other healthcare practitioners to provide appropriate, sophisticated (and easy for you) lab tests; interpret and explain the lab results; and provide clear, thorough, holistic, evidence-based, data-driven, and doable-for-real-people treatment plans that make people healthier.